Air Ambulance Service Brings Citizens Home



The Three (center) Two boys and the Father were at the airport with the team from DFAIT and representative from Department of Transport to welcome the patient and her caretaker home, last night 20:30pm at the Jackson’s International Airport.  

An air ambulance  brought home two   Papua New Guineans who were stranded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , last night, after two months     of medical treatment. A female patient in her 40’s and her caretaker have been in Kuala Lumper for medical treatment, non-COVID-19 related, before the State of Emergency (SOE) and the nationwide lockdown came into effect on March 24, 2020.

The patient and her caretaker returned to the  country    under private arrangements, with approval from the SOE Controller. Deputy Secretary Operations and current Officer in Charge of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Mr. John Yamin thanked the family for their patience , understanding, cooperation and respect towards the  Emergency Orders and lockdown nationwide, and especially on international travel into PNG from overseas.

He further extended appreciation to the other key government and line agencies through the Office of the SOE Controller in ensuring preparatory work were done and proper protocols were in place prior to allowing them into the country.

The National Airport Cooperation Team and the Pacific International Hospital (PIH) paramedics were at Jackson’s International Airport to receive the patient from the air ambulance. They were directly  taken  to PIH for medical care and quarantine. The Air ambulance departed for Malaysia soon after refueling.






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