22nd April 2020: Philippines Association sets up COVID-19 facility


The Philippines Association in Papua New Guinea ,in conjunction with the Embassy of the  Philippines ,have set    up  a facility for screening, testing and treatment of  coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

The facility located at the Philippines Association Centre, in Gordons, will  ease  some burden from the PNG Government to care for the Filipinos and Papua New Guineans in Port Moresby ,if and when there is an outbreak of COVID-19.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Hon. Patrick Pruaitch,   this morning,  had a guided tour of the  facility ,  at the  invitation of  the  Ambassador of the Republic of the  Philippines, His Excellency Mr. Bienviendo Tejano.

The Philippines Association converted its sports complex into a medical facility with fifty (50) bed capacity for COVID -19 testing and treatment.

On behalf of the Government and the people of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Minister Pruaitch thanked the Government of the Republic of Philippines, especially through Ambassador Tejano, as well as the Philippines Community in the country,  for this great initiative and kind assistance to help the citizens    during this global pandemic.

“I also wish to extend my word of sincere appreciation and duly acknowledge those Filipinos who have given their time, effort and contributions to set up this facility, which will contribute to the Government’s overall effort to address the COVID-19 situation.

“This act of gesture and kind assistance during this time of crisis shows the great spirit of friendship between our two Governments and our people.

“I applaud your efforts and generous act of kindness,” Mr Pruaitch said.

Minister Pruaitch, also   acknowledged other bilateral and multilateral partners and organization who have assisted PNG during this world pandemic.

  Mr. John Yamin, (fourth from left) Acting Secretary DFAIT, Philippines Ambassador Mr. Bienviendo Tejano and Hon. Patrick Pruaitch together with staff of the Department of Foreign Affairs and members of the Philippines Association.


  Philippines Ambassador Mr. Bienviendo Tejano and Hon. Patrick Pruaitch and members of the Philippines Association at the Philippines COVID-19 facility    during this morning’s  tour.

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