National Operations Centre COVID-19 Update Update 2 of 2020

Presenter:            Hon. Bryan Kramer – Minister for Police Date:                     24th March 2020                       Time: 3:45am COVID-19 COUNTRY STATUS As of today, Papua New Guinea remains free of additional COVID-19 cases. The only case we had has left the country through medivac. Test that have come back from highly suspected cases the Prime Minister mentioned

Timeline Events of Covid-19 in PNG

National Gazettes Tuesday 24 March 2020 – Port Moresby No. G191 Emergency Declaration on certain basic goods and services. Monday 23 March 2020 – Port Moresby No. G185 No Selling, transport or selling of betel nut. No travels with provinces irrespective of means of transport. All organizations and companies adopt and implement safe work practices